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Grab a Coin!

Author: Jeffrey Craig

We just wrapped up part one of our Take a Guess promotion, now comes the fun part, aka, the sequel! As you may know, Phemex has listed three new coins for spot trading on its platform, ATOM, LUNA, and FIL. So to celebrate the new listings, we would like to give away prizes to everyone who makes $50 in spot trade transactions. If you would like to participate, follow the steps on

Trading Rules

To qualify for a prize, users have to spend a total of $50 in spot trading on any one of these individual coins, or any combination of the three! The choice is yours!

  • ATOM
  • LUNA
  • FIL

So you can choose to either spend $50 dollars all on ATOM, you can choose to spend $25 on ATOM and $25 on LUNA, or any other combination of your liking. Be creative!

If you complete $50 in total spot trades for these three coins, you will receive a $10 trading bonus. There are no limitations for holding and selling. In addition, for all users who meet the trading requirements, we will have a special lottery where one lucky winner will receive the newest Macbook Pro 16”!

Required Actions

  1. Provide your Phemex UID (The same one used for trading)
  2. Make a spot trade of $50 in ATOM, LUNA, or FIL (or any combination of the three)
  3. Follow Phemex on Twitter and retweet the official promotion tweet


June 9-June 16: Campaign

June 23: Winners will be announced

July 14: Prizes will be distributed

Terms and Conditions

  1. To qualify for this event you must complete all actions on the link.
  2. Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or GUIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
  3. Users must ensure they have provided an accurate Phemex UID that is identical to their Gleam email to receive the rewards.
  4. Winners will be contacted by an email by June 23. The prizes will be distributed on July 14.

Good luck!

Team Phemex

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