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Golden Week: Register and Trade, share 10,000 USD prize pool and get $10 voucher

Author: Lunevail Date: 2022-08-19 02:35:02

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Dear Phemexers,

To celebrate us hitting over 5 million members around the globe, we are more than proud to launch our Golden Week Campaign! We’ve provided a massive prize pool for a giveaway as a welcome gift as well. If you haven’t used Phemex before, don’t miss this chance to enjoy our clear and precise user interface, with over 250+ spot listings and we are constantly adding more. Hurry, you can get golden rewards when you register today!

Follow the steps below to participate:

  1. Register a Phemex account via this link:
  2. Participants need to input their UID via Google Forms:
  3. Complete spot or contract trade at least once in the campaign period. If your trading volume reaches at least 500 USD during the campaign period, you will enjoy the reward share of the prize pool! Make sure to check it out.

Reward calculations will be based on every $500 in trading volume accumulated during the campaign period. This means that users can boost their reward share by increasing their trading volume in multiples of $500.

Calculation formulas are:

  • Total number of reward units = Total trading volume of ALL participants / 500usd 
  • Prize per reward unit = 10,000USD (prize pool) / total number of reward units
  • Individual number of reward units = Trading volume of individual user / 500usd
  • Individual prize = Individual number of reward units x Prize per reward unit

An example is as follows. Assume that the total trading volume of all participants in the campaign is $500,000 and User A traded $5,000 during the event. 

  • Total number of reward units = $500,000 / $500 = 1000 reward units
  • Prize per reward unit = $10,000 / 1,000 reward units = $10
  • User A’s number of reward units = $5,000 / $500 = 10 reward units
  • User A’s prize = 10 * $10 = $100USDT

And that’s it! It’s simple as that, so we hope that everyone will join and enjoy trading on Phemex.

Campaign Period

This event will only be held for one week. Therefore, in order to be eligible for the rewards, make sure to complete all goals within the following dates:

Stage 1 (Campaign Period): 8:00 UTC on August 19 – 8:00 UTC on August 26, 2022

Stage 2 (Notification of Winners): August 26 –  September 09, 2022

Stage 3 (Prize Distribution): September 09 – September 23, 2022

Prize Pool – $10,000 USDT plus 10 vouchers for every participant

There is a prize pool totaling 10,000 USDT just for our new members! Find out how you can get your piece of the grand prize pie when you participate. See below for more details on the prize:

$10,000 in USDT

  • This prize pool is only available for users who have completed the trading requirements within the stated period above.
  • The prize pool will be distributed based on the trading volumes of all participants as well as the number of participants who join.

Wait a minute, did you think that this was all rewards in this event? Guess again! Not only the prize pool reward, but we will ALSO issue a $10 spot voucher for every participant; no lottery, just direct distribution to you!

So hurry up and click the register button!

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for this event you must complete required actions stated on announcement page
  • For more information on how Spot Cashback Vouchers can be used, please visit our user guide on vouchers
  • Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
  • This promotion is available for only users that traded within the period of the campaign.
  • To receive rewards, users must ensure they have provided an accurate Phemex UID that is identical to their email.
  • The following actions will result in immediate disqualification: batch account registration, profits from market manipulation, self-dealing or wash trades.
  • Only main-accounts are allowed in this competition, sub-accounts will not be counted.
  • Users in the following regions/countries India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam are eligible to participate or receive bonuses from the event only if they meet a requirement of $100 USD worth of trade on Phemex during the campaign period.
  • Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.

For any inquiries contact us at
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