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Fridays with Jack

Author: Nicolas Tang Date: 2021-04-12 10:44:51

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Dear Traders,

We’re constantly striving to improve our user experience, so we want to hear directly from you! Starting this Friday, we will be hosting a bi-weekly event called Fridays with Jack. During these events we will ask questions about your Phemex experience and you can give us direct feedback. All participants will get the chance to win trading bonuses from a $5000 USD pool prize!

How do I Participate?

To participate, please visit our Gleam page and complete the following steps:

  1. Provide your Phemex UID
  2. Follow Phemex on Twitter @Phemex_official
  3. Follow Jack on Twitter @jack_Phemex
  4. RT the tweet for this event
  5. Join Phemex on Telegram
  6. Follow Phemex on LinkedIn
  7. Subscribe to the Phemex YouTube channel
  8. Like Phemex on Facebook
  9. Follow Phemex on Instagram
  10. Follow Phemex on TikTok
  11. Refer your friends

The method through which we receive your feedback will change every week. Make sure you carefully read Jack’s biweekly tweet and instructions. The Gleam campaign page will change every two weeks with unique instructions for you to submit answers.

Please note: All of the above steps must be completed through the Gleam campaign page. Don’t do any of the steps without going through Gleam, because they won’t be counted! Jack will tweet out the link to the correct Gleam campaign every two weeks.


The Phemex team will individually review each response for quality and insight. Then, we’ll select 10 lucky winners to share up to $5,000 USD in trading bonuses.


  • Our Gleam campaign page will go live every other Friday.
  • Submissions will close by the following Tuesday.
  • Rewards will be distributed within one week.

Terms and conditions

  1. To qualify for this event, you must complete all actions on the Gleam campaign. The Gleam campaign link will change every two weeks and will be tweeted out by Jack.
  2. Users are only eligible to participate using one account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs, all offending accounts will be immediately disqualified.
  3. Users must provide a valid Phemex UID to receive rewards.
  4. The Phemex team will select winners for each event; number of winners may vary.
  5. The prize pool might change from event to event, with the maximum being $5,000. The amount each winner receives will depend on the total number of winners picked for that event.

For any inquiries contact us at
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