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Farm REVO by Staking REVO Tokens on the Phemex Launchpool!

Author: Alan W. Date: 2022-06-17 02:36:28

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Dear User:

Phemex will be releasing our Launchpool for REVO tokens at 10:00 UTC on June 21, 2022. You can stake REVO to farm REVO tokens and earn high returns! This launchpool project will last for 7 days.

Project details:

Revoland is an e-sport game based on blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn token rewards. Revoland’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skill and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale, along with monthly updates and attractive rewards.

  • Token Name: REVO (Revoland)
  • Revoland Website & Whitepaper
  • Total Supply: 120,000,000 REVO
  • Total Reward Pool: 15,000 REVO
  • Maximum APY: 100%
  • Start Time: June 21, 2022 10:00:00 UTC
  • End Time: June 28, 2022 10:00:00 UTC
  • Period: 7 Days
  • Terms: KYC certification required and no limitations
  • Minimum Staking Amount: 0.01 REVO

Project Rules:

  • Every hour, Phemex takes the minimum staking assets of launchpool project’s participants as valid deposit assets, and calculates rewards based on this.
  • Assuming you stake token α to earn new token β, your hourly earnings (β) = (the amount of α you staked in the α pool / the total number of α staked in the α pool by all participants) * β per hour prize pool. Exact earnings will be based on the amount sent to your spot wallet.
  • Each pool’s annual percentage yield (APY) and total pool balance will be updated every hour.
  • Users can lock and unlock REVO at any time during the campaign. You can check your reward tokens in your spot wallet. (updated every hour)
  • You will only receive rewards of ≥ 0.00000001 REVO, please note that the rewards you earn may be delayed to your account.
  • When all tokens in the pool have been mined, assets of all participants will automatically return to their spot wallets. However, unclaimed rewards must be manually claimed on the Launchpool page.


  • The following actions will result in immediate disqualification:batch account registration, profits from market manipulation, self-dealing or wash trades.
  • Phemex reserves the right to make any final, binding amendments to these terms.

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