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“Doge with Phemex” Giveaway Results!

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: 2021-04-30 10:42:01

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We have concluded our “Doge with Phemex” Twitter Giveaway and here are the results! We have a few prizes we would like to give to the winners to show our appreciation for helping us reach our milestones.

Here is $3,000 USD to our number one participant and this event’s largest prizewinner!

To our second place participants we would like to give you each $2,000 USD. Congratulations!

And to our third place winners we have $1,000 USD to give to you.

Last but not least! Our fourth place winners will each receive $50 USD for their participation.

Check your inboxes!

Thanks again everyone for your participation. See you next time!

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