CCXT Integration!

Author: nicolas tang

Phemex is proud to announce CCXT integration!

For those that aren’t aware, according to the service, “The CCXT library is used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processing services worldwide. It provides quick access to market data for storage, analysis, visualization, indicator development, algorithmic trading, strategy backtesting, bot programming, and related software engineering.”

Simply put, CCXT integration means that Phemex API traders can now easily and seamlessly connect to our trading platform through standardized protocols offered by the CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library (CCXT). This is by far the most popular data integration system available with over 100 other crypto exchanges.

To get started, simply visit and locate Phemex’s API reference documentation. The standard version of the service offers the REST API option, while then PRO version offers WebSocket API.

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