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Earn Bitcoin now on Phemex Earn Crypto!

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: 2021-06-03 10:29:36

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Dear Traders,

Today June 7th, Phemex will be adding support for BTC deposits to the Crypto Asset Management service, Earn Crypto.

Because of BTC’s popularity, we know that many of our users are true HODLers that won’t sell regardless of market conditions or volatility. The addition of BTC means you can continue to hodl BTC for as long as you want while generating additional interest income.

Last month we also announced the BTC Pizza Day winners. They will be the first lucky participants to try our BTC Earn Crypto Accounts with the 10,000 BTC that we’ve temporarily made available to them. Check the announcement for more details on that event.

Earn BTC with up to 4% APY

Just as with our USDT Earn Crypto accounts, Phemex offers customers a way to earn passive crypto income in a risk-free manner with either a Flexible BTC Savings Account with 2% APY or a Fixed BTC Savings Account with 4% APY.

Flexible Accounts allow you to withdraw your interest and funds on a daily basis, while Fixed Accounts work on a weekly basis. You can also select an automatic renewal function to have your earnings redeposited to the Fixed Account for compounding interest.

To read more about Phemex’s Earn Crypto program, click here.

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