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2022 Phemex Brand Video Premiering Now!

Author: Alan W.

Dear users,

Phemex believes in a blockchain-empowered future that brings richer, more meaningful lives for all. In this new financial paradigm, every individual can access infinite possibilities from the same starting point. The system will be more equal, free, and open.

In pursuit of that mission, we’ve set up a 2 Bitcoin budget to turn your dreams into reality.

Phemex expresses our grand vision in the all-new, 2022 Brand Video. It is our hope that in the new financial world, everyone can unearth their true potential without limits. It’s time to Break Through and Break Free. Watch the Brand Video now!


2nd Anniversary – Choose Your Reality

Please note that the Phemex 2nd Anniversary celebration event is counting down to its final days! It’ll end at 14:00 UTC on Jan. 25, 2022. So if you haven’t yet, grab this final chance to share your dreams with us. We just might use our 2 BTC fund to make those dreams a reality!

Visit our Choose Your Reality event

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