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2 New USDT-margined Contracts - COCOS & BNX

Author: Alan W.

Dear Users,

At 12:00 UTC on February 23, 2023 Phemex will be listing COCOS/USDT and BNX/USDT as new linear contract trading pairs that are all USDT-margined. Note that the BNX contract is being relisted now that the BinaryX (BNX) token swap and redenomination has been completed, so the BNX/USDT contract being listed now is of the newly redominated token.

  • COCOS/USDT – Cocos Blockchain Expedition is a DAO to enable the future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. It currently develops various infrastructures for NFT, GameFi, IGO and more.  Learn more at
  • BNX/USDT – BNX is the platform cryptocurrency for the BinaryX ecosystem, which includes the DAO and all products & games utilizing $BNX. BinaryX began as a decentralized derivative trading system. Learn more at

Both these trading pairs support hedge mode, allowing you to keep a long and short position at the same time. Doing so enables more advanced trading strategies to mitigate losses while requiring a lower margin outlay.

Happy Trading!

Phemex Team

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