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Margin Trading Related Terms

The following is a list of terms and explanations commonly associated with margin trading.

Wallet Balance

Your wallet balance is the total of your Deposits plus Realised PNL minus your withdrawals.

Unrealized PNL

This is a calculation of the current profit and loss (PNL) of all your open positions.

Margin Balance

Is the total amount of equity you have within the exchange (the sum of your wallet balance plus your unrealized PNL).

Position Margin

The percentage of your margin balance that is allocated to the initial margin requirements of your open positions. It can be calculated as the entry value of all your contracts divided by the selected leverage, plus your unrealized PNL.

Order Margin

Is the minimum amount of equity you need to keep orders open.

Available Balance

The margin you still have available to allocate to new positions (your margin balance minus your order margin and position margin).

Common Questions

How much of my margin balance should I generally use?

We always recommend not using all your available balance at once. Instead, opt for using a portion of your margin balance when possible.

How can I strengthen my positions?

By keeping more funds or marginalized assets in our platform, you give yourself a larger cushion to support your trades should you experience an initial blip before moving in the right direction.

What is the difference between Position Margin and Order Margin?

Position Margin is the amount of margin that is allocated to your open positions, meaning orders that have already been executed. Order Margin is the minimum amount of equity required to maintain your open orders that have not yet been executed.


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