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How do I download Phemex Account Statements/Reports?

UPDATED: If you’re looking to report your crypto taxes, you can now visit and follow the simple 2-step instructions to do so via CoinTracking or Koinly. Below is a detailed guide on how to process using CoinTracking:

  1. On the user profile icon, click to expand menu and then select “Tax reporting”
  2. On the Tax Reporting page, Simply click on “Download in one click” under CoinTracking
  3. This will bring up a popup window from which you can choose the Time Period. The default is “Last Year”, which is the most commonly picked option.
  4. Click “Generate”
  5. In the “Generated Historical reports” section, a new item will appear with “Generating” status
  6. You can refresh the page when status turns to “Generated”
  7. Click on the item to download report
  8. Follow the link in step 2 on the interface to Cointracking, or you can directly go to
  9. On the Cointracking page , click “Upload” to upload CSV file
  10. Wait until it is processed, then you can review and download the report.

Phemex offers simple ways to generate all the information you need to do your crypto taxes. You can export account statements into CSV files, then import them to Koinly or Cointracking to perform tax declaration.

Here are some instructions to export the files you need for tax declaration.

Withdrawals Report

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Generate Withdrawals Report”

Spot History Report

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Spot Wallet”
  • Then select “Generate Spot History Report”

Contract History report

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Contract Trade Accounts”
  • Then select “Generate Contract History Report”

Investment History report

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Investment  Accounts”
  • Then select “Generate Investment History Report”

Spot Trading report

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Generate Spot Trading Report”

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