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Why i didn’t get my Social Media Bonus

There may be several reasons why you didn’t receive Social Media Bonus.


If you just submitted the application form, please be patient. Usually it takes 2 days to receive the $10 bonus after submission. For example, if you submit on the 8th December, you will receive bonus on the 11th of December.


Make sure you follow these rules to retweet and input the link of your retweets, as shown in the tutorial below


Here are some common mistakes.

  • You forget to tag your friends

  • Your account is detected inactive by twitter.

we use some twitter services to help us with the verification. If twitter indicates that your account is not active user, your retweet won’t pass the verification. An account with more followings, followers and tweets will have a larger chance to pass the twitter check

If you made one of these mistakes, simply apply again after correcting them. We will fix your bonus status after a second review.

Note:  You are not allowed to register with multiple email addresses to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. All your accounts will be banned if malevolent behavior is detected by our system.

Updated on January 4, 2020

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