Reasons To Trade Derivatives

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trading derivatives

Trading derivatives is very profitable, but many people do not know its incredible benefits. Keep reading and you will find out more why it is worth trading derivatives.

1.Mitigate the risk of volatility in price

The most fundamental reason that derivative exists is that it reduces the risk for individuals and companies; and protects themselves from any volatility in the price of the underlying asset.

Future contract is similar to subscribing to a monthly magazine. When you decide to pay for the yearly subscription, at the moment of the agreement. The price you will pay for one year is the same monthly price and it cannot change over that time period.

In other words, you have secured the monthly magazine for a full year, knowing that you will pay a fixed price. By entering into this agreement, you reduce the risk of having to pay a higher monthly price throughout the year.

2. Hedging

Investors may also use derivatives to protect their investment portfolio. This is also called “hedging”, which involves taking action to compensate for potential losses. Derivatives are a vital risk management technique for institutions and investors. The concept of coverage is similar to owning an insurance policy for your portfolio. Here is an example to illustrate a coverage scenario:

Suppose you own some stocks of the American brand “X”. In the hypothetical scenario that the US economy was suffering from bad news, most likely the price of “X” would go down and so reduce your investment capital. You can trade derivatives – in the form of option contracts – to reduce your overall investment risk. By using a type of option called “put options”, you can take advantage of your options contract as their value will increase when the price of the underlying asset decreases.

The Hedge could save you potential headaches or worries you may encounter during your investment journey. Having an insurance policy using derivatives allows you to manage your risks well.

3. Anticipation

Traders often leverage derivatives to speculate on cryptocurrency prices, with the aim of taking advantage of changes in the price of the underlying cryptocurrency. For example, a trader may attempt to take advantage of an anticipated decline in general cryptocurrency prices by “shorting” the coin. Shorting – or short selling – refers to the act of betting against the price of a security. Speculation is invariably considered undesirable because it injects a higher degree of volatility to the overall market.

Traditionally, one of the ways to profiting from crypto-currencies – or any other title in this case – is to buy a coin at a low price and later resell it at a higher price. However, this can only be done in a bull market or when the market is on the rise. Shorting is a way to profit from a bear market or when the market is down.

The simplest way to “sell short” is to borrow a security from a third party (a stock exchange or broker) and sell it immediately to the market, as long as you expect a drop in prices. You can return it to the market once prices have fallen and buy back the same amount of securities you originally sold. So settle your account with third parties. In this case, you will benefit from the initial sale of the securities and their redemption at lower prices.

A simpler solution is to use derivative contracts because they are much cheaper and “profitable”. If anyone thinks that crypto-currency prices are unsustainable or will soon see a downward trend, he could sell derivative contracts in the open market to anyone who thinks otherwise (that the market will go up).


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