Bitcoin Futures Hitting $10K

Author: nicolas tang

bitcoin futures

When it comes to Bitcoin futures, there are many questions that might come up to users’ mind. Let’s find out more about what BTC futures is and see how Bitcoin futures hits 10k.

What is Bitcoin Futures?

A futures contract is a technique to hedge positions and reduce the risk of the unknown. It is also used for arbitrating between current spot and future contracts. In the case of bitcoins, futures have been more associated with miners who face the risk of unknown future prices.

About Bitcoin futures hitting 10k

According to Cointelegraph’s markets analyst filbfilb: “Overall picture is good going into the close. Would be glorious if CME takes us across 10k into the close,” he summarized to subscribers of his Telegram trading channel on Friday.  Filbfilb added that he eyed potential support at $9,550 should a sell-off ensue. Bitcoin futures markets meanwhile continue to reach new achievements.

Where can I trade BTC futures?

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