API Overview

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Rest API

Phemex provides an HTTP Rest API for client to operate orders with. All endpoints return a JSON object.

Websocket API

Phemex provides a WebSocket API for clients to receive market data, orders, and position updates.


FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is a standard electronic messaging protocol which can be used to place orders, receive order updates and executions, and cancel orders. Our FIX API is based on the FIX 4.2 specification and is modeled after FIX implementations of other popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

FIX endpoint URL: tcp+ssl://fix.phemex.com:port

Clients should connect to the endpoint using SSL. Sequence numbers start from 1 for each session. Resend request and sequence reset messages are supported.

For details, please visit our Github  https://github.com/phemex/phemex-api-docs


For any inquiries contact us at support@phemex.com.

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