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xPT Pre-Mining

From the 1 billion total Phemex Token supply, 10% or 100 million tokens will be allocated for pre-mining as xPT. xPT will be converted to on-chain PT on a 1:1 basis in 2023 Q3. 25% of your converted PT will be distributed at TGE, and the remaining 75% will be distributed weekly over a 3 week period.

Stage 0 will be burned
Phemex has initiated a PT burn process in order to reduce the PT supply and enhance the overall ecosystem.
Difficulty increases with each subsequent stage
UserUserUserUser Soul Pass Holders 0
My Trading Volume (in USD)
取引ボット を使用して xPT を今すぐマイニングできます
My xPT Mined
現在の段階では、$10,000 の取引高 = マイニングされた -- xPT

3 Steps To Pre-Mine

Mint Phemex Soul Pass
Mint your PSP to Phemex Web3 for free. Only PSP holders are eligible to pre-mine xPT.
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xPT Pre-mining
Trade contracts to share 100 million xPT pool. Greater returns the earlier you join.
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Convert xPT to PT
xPT will be converted to on-chain PT on a 1:1 basis in 2023 Q3, and distributed in 4 installments.
How do xPT rewards work?
After minting PSP, every PSP holder can trade USDT-margined, BTC-margined, and ETH-margined perpetual contracts to mine xPT rewards. Trade more, earn more!

Boost Factor Leaderboard

Shovel Get to the top on the leaderboard to win a Golden Soul Shovel SBT. Golden Soul Shovel winners for this stage will get a 1.2x boost factor for the next stage.
Get to the top on the leaderboard to win a Golden Soul Shovel SBT. Golden Soul Shovel winners for this stage will get a 1.2x boost factor for the next stage.
User Name
Trading Volume (in USD)
User Name
Trading Volume (in USD)
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ミント フェメックスソウルパス
Phemex web3 へのキーを無料で作成します
xPT プレマイニングの開始
トレードして xPT 報酬を獲得Phemex VIP 特典を入手する
Phemex トークン TGE とリスティングxPT を 1:1 ベースで PT に変換
vePT の PT をステークする
Phemex DAO のガバナンス権取引所買戻しによる毎日のステーキング利回りTrade-to-Earnの報酬ブースト

Phemex Token (PT) Tokenomics

Total supply of 1 billion Phemex Tokens will be issued as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They represent ownership stake in the Phemex platform and grant various utility benefits.

Total Supply
xPT Pre-mining
Collaborator Program
Strategic Investors
Ecosystem Fund (DAO Treasury)
Trading Rewards (DAO Treasury)
Liquidity Provider Rewards (DAO Treasury)
Operations & Marketing
Core Contributors

xPT Pre-mining FAQ

  • How do I qualify to enter the pre-mining event?

    Any user or organization with a Phemex Soul Pass can participate in xPT pre-mining. After minting your PSP, you will automatically be entered into the pre-mining event, with no additional steps required.

  • When will my trading volume start counting for the pre-mining event?

    The entire pre-mining event will be split into 5 separate stages. Your trading volume starts counting for each stage once it begins, and the start time can be checked on the top of the xPT Pre-mining page. If you mint your Phemex Soul Pass after a stage has already begun, then trading volume starts counting from the time of your minting.

  • Which trading pairs do I need to trade to mine xPT rewards?

    Pre-mining rewards will be distributed based on your trading volume of USDT-margined contracts, BTC-margined contracts, and ETH-margined contracts. Note that the trading volume for GOLD/USDT and all USD-margined contracts is not counted.

  • How are my xPT rewards distributed?

    Your xPT reward balance will be reflected as metadata on your Phemex Soul Pass.

  • When can xPT be converted into on-chain Phemex Token (PT)?

    Phemex plans to launch our platform utility token PT in 2023 Q3. At the time of token generation, xPT will be automatically converted to PT on a 1:1 basis and 25% of your converted PT will be unlocked immediately. The remaining 75% will be distributed weekly over a 3 week period after TGE. The specific time of token launch will be announced later by Phemex. Read this section on our project whitepaper for more information.

  • How do I receive the Soul Shovel SBT to boost my xPT pre-mining rewards?

    To obtain the Soul Shovel, you must be near the top of the Boost Factor Leaderboard for a pre-ming stage. This is achieved by accumulating a high effective trading volume relative to other participants. If you win the Soul Shovel, it will be issued as a soulbound token to the same wallet address that contains your PSP. With it, you can enjoy a 1.2x boost on xPT rewards for the subsequent pre-mining stage.

  • How does the Boost Factor Leaderboard work?

    The leaderboard tracks trading volume generated during each pre-mining stage separately. It counts a participant’s trading volume from the start to the end time of the current stage only, and does not consider cumulative trading volume from previous or later stages. Specific leaderboard rules for each stage may change, so please refer to the detailed rules.

  • Why is my dashboard no longer updating xPT reward amounts?

    Our backend system will be monitoring risky or abnormal activity of all participating accounts in real-time. If an account’s activity is found to be abnormal, it will be slotted for manual review. If your account is showing abnormal balances, you can contact us at to check account status.Please read risk control rules.

  • Can API and institutional accounts participate in xPT Pre-mining?

    Yes, API traders and institutions can participate in the pre-mining event. In order to promote fairness for all types of users, the trading volume generated for API users will be calculated based on a different stage coefficient X. If you perform both API and non-API trading, the system will calculate each separately and display the summed up trading volume. Furthermore, there is a daily cap to the amount of xPT rewards that institutional accounts can receive per day. See institutional user terms and restrictions