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Transaction Reminders for P2P – Cash in Person

Dear users,

Phemex P2P trading currently supports cash in person as a payment method for P2P transactions. Please be aware of the potential risks and take precautions before choosing this payment method, as the Phemex platform will not be directly or indirectly involved in the transaction. Therefore, Phemex will not be held responsible for any risks or losses arising from this payment method.

User Transaction Reminders:

  1. Before placing an order, make sure you are able to conduct offline face-to-face transactions. You should do your best to avoid the risks and losses that might be brought about through this transaction method. If you cannot continue the transaction, please communicate with the other party in time to cancel the order.
  2. After the order is placed, please confirm all details of the transaction with the other party in the order window until both parties reach a consensus. Be sure to keep all relevant documents (proof of payment, chat records, transaction agreement, etc.).
  3. In case of a transaction dispute, please promptly appeal the order. Customer service will process the appeal in accordance with the current advertising display information and OTC trading rules. After the order is completed, you can still file a complaint and customer service will intervene, but you cannot recover assets that have been transferred to the platform.
  4. Before the order is created, please carefully check and calculate the gains and costs of your current transaction.
  5. After order creation, the order transaction data cannot be changed. If you are unable to continue with the trade, please contact the other party in a timely manner to negotiate the cancellation of the order. If an order cannot be canceled, please complete the order based on the price and quantity set during order creation. Any resulting losses will be your responsibility.
  6. Sellers are required to confirm payment receipt before release. Confirmation should be completed within 10 minutes after receiving the buyer’s payment. From the time the order is created up to the release, the seller’s assets for the current order will be frozen.
  7. Please be sure to conduct all communication related to the order in the order chat window. Other forms of communication will be used only as reference in the event that customer service must get involved.
  8. This is a transaction method that requires an offline meeting. Please do not arrange for a third party to conduct face-to-face transactions. A meeting place far from crowds poses a security risk, and the meeting place must be agreed upon by both parties.
  9. Please perform a careful, holistic evaluation when selecting your P2P transacting partner. Do not base your decision solely on the advertised price.
  10. During the transaction, please count the payment sum in the presence of both parties. Do not leave money in the possession of others for safekeeping.

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