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P2P Merchant Trading Rules

Phemex offers P2P (peer-to-peer) services, where users can buy crypto with local fiat or sell crypto for local fiat. Please note that different countries may have different purchasing options subject to each fiat partner. To learn more about P2P services, check out What Is Peer 2 Peer Trading?

In order to create a fair, secure, and reliable trading environment for our users on the Phemex P2P platform, merchants need to abide by the following principles:

  • Be responsible for your ads. Confirm the price and quantity before you publish.
  • Always make payments, release tokens, and reply to others in a timely manner. Only accept payments in the methods available on Phemex and mentioned in your ad.

Trading Principles

1. Payment and Receiving of Funds

Phemex requires that the account holder’s name on the payment method chosen is consistent with your KYC’d name on Phemex. If your name is not identical to that of your identity verification ID, please contact Phemex Customer Service for help.

2. Asset Security

  • Merchants must not participate in any form of transactions involving illegal funds.
  • When the user complains that their bank card is frozen after receiving payment from the merchant, the merchant is required to actively cooperate with Phemex staff to provide evidence. If the merchant’s bank account is frozen because of the counterparty’s fault, the merchants shall contact local police at once and ask the police to send a query email to the Phemex legal team directly.
  • If the illegal digital assets or funds from the merchant flow into Phemex, resulting in legal risks and the loss of assets for Phemex and users, Phemex has the right to ban the merchant, eliminate all his activities and confiscate the security deposit.

3. Operating Rules

  • You are not encouraged to trade with users outside the platform. If you trade with other users privately, the platform will not bear responsibility for any resulting losses. You should not reveal any personal contact information (social networks, messengers) in the ads, trading conditions, or auto-reply.
  • After completing the payment, if no tokens are received after 15 minutes, you should contact the counterparty directly. If there is no response, click [Appeal] and wait patiently for Phemex P2P agents to support.
  • You are limited to posting 3 online ads with the same order type and crypto pair


Order type(Buy & Sell) BTC USDT ETH
Per fiat

4. Access Ban

  • You may be banned if one of the following conditions exist:
  • You do not cooperate with our customer support team when processing the appeal order or you delay the trading process.
  • You charge extra fees or commissions to the counterparty in any form.
  • You contact the counterparty to carry out transactions outside the Phemex platform.
  • You leak the counterparty’s name, contact information, address, and other related information.
  • You spread malicious information that affects Phemex.
  • You gain an advantage by unfair competition.
  • You use more than one merchant account (multi-accounts) to take advantage of trading, or block assets of other merchants.
  • You receive a large number of negative feedback from other users.

5. Disclaimer

Your use of the Phemex P2P services and all information and other content (including that of third parties) included in or accessible from the Phemex P2P services is at your sole risk. Our only responsibility is to handle crypto transactions. All payments are final upon completion unless otherwise required by law. Phemex P2P platform has neither the rights nor the obligations to resolve any disputes arising from a completed payment. Neither Phemex P2P platform nor merchants shall be responsible for your loss in a completed payment.

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