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How Do I Verify My Account? (Basic & Advanced KYC)

The Phemex Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a safe and straightforward way of verifying your identity on our platform. Identity verification will provide users with increased security and access to additional features and benefits. To learn more about KYC on Phemex, please read “What is KYC on Phemex? (Identity Verification)

To verify your identity on Phemex, simply complete the following steps:

1. Register or log in to

2. On the right hand corner of the website, click on the circular icon to go to your Account.

3. On the left side of the page, click on Overview, where all your profile info will be displayed. Scroll down to Identity Verification and look at Basic Verification. If you have not done the Basic Verification yet, a red text will appear reading “Your account is currently not verified”. Check what requirements are needed for that verification then click on Verify. For Basic Verification, you will need to input your personal information.

4. Once you have successfully completed the Basic Verification, you will see a green tick and a green text reading “Verified” under Basic Verification.

5. Now that Basic Verification is complete, it’s time to move on to Advanced Verification. This next page will prompt you to get your ID or documentation ready. Click Start when ready. At this stage you have two methods to upload an image. If you choose to Continue on Mobile, then follow the instructions on your mobile device but you must keep this webpage open until KYC verification is completed, or else your application may be incomplete. If you choose the Take photo using webcam option, then prepare your ID and click on Start. Once your webcam launches, align your photo ID and make sure the contents are clear and readable. Click the camera icon to take the picture. If the image is correct and clear, click Confirm. The next page will process your face verification. Center your face within the screen and click Start when ready.

6. After successfully uploading all the required information for the Advance Verification, users must wait for the process to be completed. A red text reading “Verifying” will appear, which will reflect on the blue button below as well. Please be patient during this time and wait for your results.

7. In the case that your Advance Verification has failed, don’t worry. Just make sure to check that you have completed the requirements and click Try Again.


8. In the case of exceeding the maximum attempts, users can attempt to try the Advance Verification again the next day.

8. Once the process is complete, the labels or tags on your Account Overview page should now indicate “Verifying”. If the verification was successful, your tags will turn green and read “Verified”.

9. In some cases, users might already have completed both Basic and Advanced Verification but will be missing some latest information. If you see “Supplementary basic information” in green, it means that you need to update or add on to your existing data. Just click on the blue button “Verify” and update your personal information.

Congratulations! You have completed both your Basic KYC and Advanced KYC, and therefore are an officially verified user on Phemex. Enjoy all your benefits and happy trading!

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