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How do I make a Withdrawal? (APP)

To withdraw, users can transfer cryptos to and fro from wallets or other platforms from their original account in Phemex.  To learn how to withdraw from your Phemex wallet, please perform the following steps:

How To Withdraw On the Phemex App

1. Log into your Phemex account, then tap the corner right icon at the bottom, which is your Wallet icon.

2. Next, get the deposit address you would like to deposit towards. The deposit address could belong to you but is for a different wallet, or it could belong to someone else entirely. Once you have decided on the deposit address, tap on “Withdraw” in the top blue section of the app.



3. Once you have tapped Withdraw, several options for coins will appear. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw in the coin list or by searching for it. Make sure that the asset you select has enough funds available in or transferred to your Phemex Spot Wallet, in order to be withdrawn.

4. Next, select a network. Please make sure the network you have selected is supported by the receiving platform and by Phemex.

5. There are three different ways that you can enter the withdrawal address:

  •  Address Management

If you already have saved the address in the address management, you can click the icon right of the address input box. Then, you just need to select one from address management.



  • Copy & Paste Address 

If you don’t have any address  in address management, You could  just paste the address you copied or alternatively in.If you don’t want the address  in address management, You could delete it and just paste the address you copied.


  • Scan QR Code

You can scan the QR code to the platform you’re withdrawing from.

6. When selecting some crypto coins such as XRP ,LUNC, EOS, etc,  they might require tags/memos. Therefore, for coins that need tags/memos, please ensure that you have input the correct information for your withdrawal.

7. When you enter the withdrawal amount, you will be able to see the min amount, transaction fee, available balance, limit remaining today.  Please make sure to read them first, then click Withdrawal to proceed.


8. It will show you all the information again, which you can confirm about this transaction.

9. Get your Google Authenticator code to make a verification in order to ensure your assets safety.

10. You will receive an email confirmation regarding the withdrawal. Please confirm in your email within 30 minutes as the email will expire after that time. If you do not finish confirming within 30 minutes, the withdrawal will be invalid.

11. You can confirm the withdrawal details again via this confirmation email, then click Confirm to proceed.

12. After you have finished all the withdrawal steps, you can check your withdrawal history by selecting Wallet then Withdrawal, and finally click the icon in the upper right corner. This is where users can view the data available at the bottom of the web page.If this withdrawal status is still pending, you can also click cancel to cancel this withdrawal.


And that’s it! Congratulations, you can now officially withdraw on the Phemex App.

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