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How do I buy crypto using my bank account?

Let’s use Bank of America as an example, but please note that other banks will have slightly different steps and options.

1. Select the “Transfer” menu, then click “Using Someone’s Account Number At another bank”.

2. Add a recipient: If this is the first time you are sending the funds to us, you need to add Legend Trading Inc. as a recipient. This is a one-time step. You won’t need to do this again in the future.

3. Enter the correct information as below:

NOTE: You can find the same information our OTC deposit page anytime. In your specific page, you will have a reference code that is unique to your account. Please do not use the reference code displayed in the sample picture.

4. Once you enter the banking information the page should look like this:

NOTE: You can enter in the Email text field, although it’s optional.

5. Now that you have added the recipient successfully, you can send money. Click “Make Transfers”

6. You have different options (ACH vs Wire Transfer) when you send money to us. We highly recommend the Wire Transfer option, as it’s the fastest. In most cases the funds can arrive on the same day.

NOTE: This is the page where you must enter the Reference Code. Again, please enter the reference code that appears in your OTC Trading page and not the sample code displayed in this image. It’s fine if you forgot to enter it, just Email and we’ll find the transfer for you!

7. Feel free to send any amount you want. However, there’s a minimum trade limit of $50 at our OTC service, so if your deposit amount was less than $50, you won’t be able to trade, although you can see it from your OTC balance. We’d suggest that you deposit more than $50 if possible.

8. Once your funds arrive at our bank account, we’ll update your OTC account accordingly.

9. Congratulations! You are all set to buy crypto!

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to

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