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Copy Trading General FAQ

Q:What is copy trading? 

A:Copy trading is a product that bridges the trading experience gap for many users. It allows users to view trading strategies executed by the platform’s top veteran traders and enables users to automatically replicate their trading positions.

Q:Who can use copy trading? What does it cost?

A:All Phemex users can use copy trading. There are certain standards for becoming a Top Trader, and more details can be found on Requirements for Top Trader. It is completely free to be a copier and copy Top Traders’ positions, but a share of the fees and profits generated from this trading will be charged based on our platform standards. More can be learned in the fees and profit sharing section.

Q:What trading pairs can be copy traded?


  • To protect user profits, currently automatic copy trading functions are only supported for the following USD-margined perpetual contracts:


  • Phemex will regularly look for trending trading pairs, and potentially add support for copy trading as long as they fulfill liquidity and risk requirements.

Q:How are transaction fees calculated for copy trading? 

A:Transaction fees and funding rates follow the same fee structure as normal trading on Phemex. No extra transaction fees are charged for copy trading. VIP trading fee discounts apply similarly to copy trading.

Q:How many copiers are allowed?

A:To promote stronger profits, the number of copiers per Top Trader is dependent on how well the Top Trader performs. If a Top Trader shows stronger trading performance, they will unlock more copier spots. For more details, refer to Copy Trade Profit Sharing Rules.


Q:What are profit sharing rates? Where can I view rules regarding profit share?


  • To encourage good risk management and strong performance by the Top Trader, we will calculate the total profit and loss made by all the copiers of a specific Top Trader in a given period, and reward a certain percentage of such profits to that Top Trader. This promotes a win-win dynamic, and is termed profit share.
  • Learn more about profit sharing details and dynamics by referring to Copy Trade Profit Sharing Rules.

Q:Can sub-accounts copy trade?

A:No, only main accounts are able to copy trade.

Q:What is a copy trading account?
A:To reduce risks and implement asset differentiation for copy trading, we’ve added the “copy trading account.” You need to transfer funds to your copy trading account in order to start copy trading

Q:Are there any limits to trading mode and leverage when copy trading?

A:Currently only isolated margin mode is supported for copy trading. To reduce risk, the default leverage for a copier is 5x, and this can be increased to as high as 10x.

Q:Are there price constraints with copy trading?
A:Yes there is.

  • The minimum investment amount of a single copy trade is set by the Top Trader. The maximum limit is standardized across our platform,and is $500.
  • A copier can also set a limit to the amount of funds used to copy a given Top Trader.After this is set, once this limit is reached no new copy trades will occur even if funds are still available in one’s copy trading account.

Q:Are there restrictions on trading positions for the Top Trader and copier?

A:Yes, the same standard position limits for normal trading on Phemex applies to Top Traders and copiers during copy trading as well.

Q:What are the reasons for a copy trade order to fail?
A:The following reasons may result in the failure of a copy trade order:

  • Copier has insufficient funds in copy trading account
  • The order exceeds the maximum limit set by the Top Trader
  • The order’s entry price differs too much from the Top Trader’s original entry price. The order is canceled to better protect the copier.

Q:What if I no longer want to copy the trades of a certain trader?
A:You can cancel copying in My Copy Trade. Be aware that canceling will not impact your currently active positions, as they will still follow suit if the trader decides to close the position. However, after cancellation you will no longer copy any new positions or increases in current positions.

Q:Can a trader cancel the ability of a user to copy them? 

A:Yes, they can.

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