$180 Welcome Bonus

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Register to grab up to $0 Crypto Sign Up Bonus, as well as 2 BTC & 10,000 USDT in Trial Funds!
$180 Crypto Sign up bonus

Basic Tasks

Contract Voucher

Copy Trading Voucher

Follow any trader for the first time and get a $5 contract cashback voucher
Spot Voucher

Social Media Voucher

Follow Phemex's Twitter account and RT our pinned tweet to get a $5 Spot Voucher.
Spot Voucher

Basic Deposit Voucher

Make a single deposit of >=$50 to get a $10 spot cashback voucher.
Trial Fund

Simulated Trading Trial Fund

Register and open a simulated trading account to receive 2 BTC + 10,000 USDT in trial funds, which can be used for simulated trading with zero fees.
Spot/Contract Voucher

Learn & Earn Reward

Complete quizzes on basic crypto concepts and receive rewards.
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Challenge Tasks

Advanced Deposit Bonus
Complete KYC verification within 7 days after registration, deposit crypto or purchase with fiat, transfer funds to your contract account, and ensure that there is no withdrawal or transfer within 5 days after the deposit. You’ll access reward tiers of up to $6,000.
Details are as follows:
Spot Voucher

Spot Trading Voucher

Make a single spot trade of >=$100 to get a $10 Spot Cashback Voucher.
Contract Voucher

Contract Trading Voucher

Make a single contract trade of >=$500 to get a $20 Contract Cashback Voucher.

Terms and Conditions

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