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  • How Do I Margin Trade on Phemex (How-To User Guide)

    As a new feature now available on the Phemex, margin trading allows users to trade with leverage on the spot market using borrowed funds. For more information on what margin trading is, check out What is Margin Trading? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to margin trade on Phemex. Enabling Margin Trading and Placing Order Register or make sure you’re logged into your Phemex account In order to margin trade, you must first enable the feature. Visit your Assets overview page and go to your Margin Trading Account. Click the button Enable Margin Trading. After clicking, you will be…

  • What Is Margin Trading?

    Margin trading allows users to trade with leverage on the Phemex spot market by using borrowed funds. This feature increases purchasing power and magnifies returns on profitable trades relative to ordinary spot trading. Funds used to open a margin trading position consist of the margin – which refers to the borrowed funds, and the collateral – which the trader puts up themselves. Interest must be paid on the borrowed funds so when the position is closed, proceeds are used to first repay the margin loan. You can read more about margin trading on our Blog article – What is Margin…

  • Special Treatment (ST) Rules for Phemex

    Dear Users, On February 6, 2023, Phemex will be implementing a Special Treatment (ST) feature in order to better protect our users and promote the responsible development of the blockchain industry. Through this feature, a “ST” warning tag will be placed next to ticker symbols of designated projects on the spot market that are deemed to be at risk for delisting, typically due to poor liquidity or other risk factors. If a listed project meets the criteria listed below, then Phemex is entitled to tag the project with “ST” (Special Treatment) symbol. This means that the project will be carefully…

  • Special Treatment Rules on Phemex

    To promote responsible development of the blockchain industry, create a healthy digital asset environment, and protect the rights and interests of our users, Phemex continuously monitors the performance of each listed project. The “Special Treatment” (“ST”) mechanism is widely used by crypto exchanges for projects at risk of being delisted, designating them as being under mandatory review over a specified period.  Phemex will be implementing a “Special Treatment (ST)” mechanism to certain listed projects on the spot market in accordance with our ST rules in order to alert users about the risk of trading such tokens. If the project meets…

  • Phemex to List 6 Additional USDT-margined Contracts

    Dear Users, At 10:00 UTC on February 6, 2023 Phemex is listing six new linear contract trading pairs that are all USDT-margined. These new listings are: T/USDT (Threshold) FXS/USDT (Frax Share) FET/USDT ( RNDR/USDT (Render Token) HIGH/USDT (Highstreet) DAR/USDT (Mines of Dalarnia) These 6 trading pairs all support hedge mode, which allows you to keep both a long and short position at the same time. Doing so enables more advanced trading strategies to mitigate losses while requiring a lower margin outlay. Happy Trading! Phemex Team

  • Phemex has Integrated BitTab Tracker Widget

    Dear Users, We’re happy to announce that as of February 1, 2023, Phemex has integrated with BitTab – a leading crypto tracker tool. BitTab is an intuitive cryptocurrencies and NFTs tracker widget for Windows. Use it to track your Phemex assets on your desktop screen. It shows real-time prices of coins and NFTs from famous exchanges. Phemex is always seeking ways to improve your trading experience, and we’ll look to incorporate even more helpful tools for our users going forward. Happy Trading! Phemex Team

  • P2P Bonanza – $3,100 Trading Bonus up for Grabs

    Dear Users, As a show of gratitude for your support of Phemex, we’re hosting an awesome giveaway through our P2P trading platform. Phemex P2P makes it easy for you to smoothly and safely obtain cryptocurrency using fiat, by connecting with other peer-to-peer traders. Whether you’re a P2P newbie or experienced user, anybody can win from the $3,100 prize pool. Hurry because rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis! Follow the steps below to participate: Visit and register on our platform (if you don’t have Phemex account) Trade and post Ads on the Phemex P2P trading platform during the…

  • New Spot Listing – MAGIC

    Dear Users, Phemex will be listing MAGIC/USDT on our spot market at 10:00 UTC on January 31, 2023. MAGIC – Treasure is a decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through bottom-up driven IP and infrastructure. Underpinning the Treasure ecosystem is MAGIC, a fair launch token which powers key infrastructure and acts as a reserve asset across partner ‘game cartridges’. Find more details on MAGIC here: Happy trading! Phemex Team

  • Adjustments to Risk Limits, Ticker Sizes, and Order Quantities

    Dear users, On January 19, 2023, Phemex will adjust contract risk limits, ticker sizes, and order quantities for certain perpetual contracts. Risk limits are imposed to help clients manage their risks because the larger a position is, the smaller the leverage allowed. As our user base grows more advanced, we will continue to tweak risk limits & leverage to allow greater flexibility and better user experience. Please find our newly adjusted risk limits and ticker sizes below: New risk limits for Inverse ETHUSD perpetual contract: Position Max Leverage IM% MM% 200 ETH 100 1% 0.5% 1,200 ETH 50 2% 1%…

  • Transaction Reminders for P2P – Cash in Person

    Dear users, Phemex P2P trading currently supports cash in person as a payment method for P2P transactions. Please be aware of the potential risks and take precautions before choosing this payment method, as the Phemex platform will not be directly or indirectly involved in the transaction. Therefore, Phemex will not be held responsible for any risks or losses arising from this payment method. User Transaction Reminders: Before placing an order, make sure you are able to conduct offline face-to-face transactions. You should do your best to avoid the risks and losses that might be brought about through this transaction method….

  • Phemex Will Support the Upcoming Polygon (MATIC) Upgrade

    Dear Users, The Polygon (MATIC) team has announced a network hard fork (Delhi fork) to be activated on block height 38,189,056, which is estimated to occur at around 18:00 UTC on January 17th, 2023. Phemex will support this process and suspend Polygon (MATIC) deposits and withdrawals during the upgrade. Polygon (MATIC) trading will not be affected. MATIC deposits and withdrawals will be resumed as soon as possible following the upgrade. Thank you for your support and understanding. Phemex Team

  • Phemex VIP Portal Released! Access Your Custom Analytics Dashboard

    Dear users, Phemex is excited to unveil our VIP Portal which allows VIP users to enjoy a variety of data analytics and exclusive services. Here are some insights you can find in the “Portfolio Analytics” section: Asset Allocation This segment shows a clear snapshot of your total assets breakdown by main or sub accounts. Examine a detailed allocation chart of all your coins. Transaction Data Analysis Here our VIP users can quickly see the primary currencies influencing their profits and losses. Users can toggle the monitored period, or select one of several fixed period options to generate relevant data. In…