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Check out our new brand video kevin

Introducing our phemex ambassador!

Come commemorate Phemex’s 3-year anniversary alongside Kevin De Bruyne, Belgian Red Devil and renowned Premier League footballer, who is joining Phemex as our brand ambassador! We see our ethos of embracing change, acting swiftly and staying humble reflected in Kevin’s presence on the pitch. As Phemex wraps up our third year of operation, we look to celebrate with Kevin, sports fans, and crypto enthusiasts.

To be the best, be with the best.

Phemex’s mission is to provide excellent investment opportunities for all to leverage their full capacity. By building a cutting-edge crypto trading exchange.

Phemex empowers users in a world with boundless opportunity, greater equality, and freedom. By handing people the ability to craft their own destiny, Phemex eliminates privilege and exclusivity.

Join Phemex to break through and break free. Enable us to unleash your potential and achieve your dreams.


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Take your shot with Phemex and Kevin

To celebrate our three year anniversary we have created a fun and interactive AR game that you can play right now on your mobile!
Fancy being Kevin De Bruyne and testing your skills on the pitch and see how many points you can collect!
Play our new Kevin De Bruyne AR game below! What's more, if you share a screenshot of you playing the game on Twitter, you’ll win the chance to receive Kevin's autographed merchandise! Come and play!
Join by following the steps below:
  • Follow Phemex official Twitter
  • Post a tweet on social media sharing a screenshot of you playing the AR game.
  • The above tweets must contain the caption, “Phemex, Happy Birthday! Let's Celebrate Phemex 3rd Anniversary With Kevin” along with a link to this campaign’s landing page.
  • Tag the Phemex official Twitter account in your post
  • Fill out the registration form right
Play Phemex X Kevin AR Game
Kevin De Bruyne AR game
The participant needs to tweet at least one post on social

Terms and Conditions

1.All users should register on this page to successfully participate in the promotion.
2.To qualify for this event you must complete required actions stated on campaign announcement page: Take your shot with Phemex and Kevin
3.For more information on how Spot Cashback Vouchers can be used, please visit our user guide on vouchers.
4.Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
5.To receive rewards, users must ensure they have provided an accurate Phemex UID that is identical to their email.
6.The following actions will result in immediate disqualification: batch account registration, profits from market manipulation, self-dealing or wash trades.
7.Only main-accounts are allowed in this competition, sub-accounts will not be counted.
8.In order to be eligible for rewards, make sure you join via the event page and complete actions during the campaign period.
● Campaign period: 14:00 UTC on 25 November – 14:00 UTC on December 25, 2022
● Notification of Winners: December 25 – January 15, 2023
● Prize Distribution: January 15 – February 12, 2023
9.Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.